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This page will feature Ad Boards by merchants which advertise one specific item. We recommend that the item is regularly available in their stores for a very “buyable” price point.  The Ad Boards will look much like the Business Boards, but will advertise a specific item.  They will run for up to one year, at which point they must be renewed or a new ad submitted.  


Submit your ad information using the online form and send photo to



  • Photo of one item and your business logo

  • Verbiage about your item  
    (30 words or less)




$25  per year for same ad. 

        NOTE: If you want to change your  

        ad, it will be treated like a new ad

        and the $25 fee will apply.


ADD if needed:


$15 per photography session, if needed*

       ($15 to Labor of Love Graphics)


*Photography is simple, but artfully accomplished with an iPhone 6 with 8MP HDR camera

Now that you have completed the form to create a Quick Gift Idea, you will need to pay for it to complete your order. 


Add up your total order ($25, or $40 if you need us to take photos), take the PayPal link and complete the sale, and we will get started! 


CONGRATULATIONS on taking advantage of this great buy!  It is just one more way to help get the word out about your business and keep you in the black!

Just One More Step!

$40.00 - Quick Gift Idea plus photography session.

$25.00 - Quick Gift Idea

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